Our Vision & Aim

We at Blocks & Books Preschool provide a solid foundation atmosphere that will empower every child to overcome his/her inhabitations to limitations & ensure that concept is so well understood that they can be applied intelligently to life situations.

We promotes the development of critical thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity and multi cultures and support learning. We encourage the development of self confidence by offering children’s multiple opportunities to make choices, encourage curiosity, problem solving and the generation of ideas and fantasy through exploration.

All routines are implemented for flexibility to meet individuals needs and provide opportunities for the success of all children.

Chairman's Message

Our schools aim to fuse the strong cultural fundamentals of Indian society with advanced learning tools acquired from the world over giving education an exciting and dynamic direction.

Manasi Patel 


Events & Workshops

Early Learning


Based on our experience and approach, we have designed a set of goals that we ensure our students achieve by the time they are ready for the next level of learning.



At Blocks N Books Preschool, in our effort to make learning an interactive and fun process, we make sure to regularly have events where the students as well as the parents are encouraged to participate.

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